Training Singers

Andrés offers a series of methods and techniques called Modern Vocal Training. Although it is recommended that a student has a session every 2 or 3 weeks, there is no obligation to sign up for a regular schedule. During your first consultation, Andrés will give you a voice diagnosis when he will explain to you how much it can improve and the best way to proceed.

 Relying on voice training through multiple vocal exercises, Modern Vocal Training seeks a healthy balance between the muscles of phonation, air and resonance. All styles of singing are welcome and Andrés always advocates to preserve and improve the style of the singer. Classes are available in person or by Skype, in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

Oratory Training

Andrés specializes in training the use of Para-Linguistic tools for Professional Speakers, in addition to physical training for improving the tone and color of the voice. In his first session, Andrés will give you a clear diagnosis about the points to improve in your speech, based on the qualities that are important for your profession.

 In most cases, the Oratory training involves ten or fewer particular sessions, with sporadic check-ups afterwards. These sessions are preferably given in person, in Spanish, Portuguese or English, although the person can be a speaker of any language.

Voice Rehabilitation

For years, Andrés has specialized in working on the rehabilitation of pre and post operative voice. He has helped with the recovery of the voice of several singers with different pathologies (nodules, polyps, hemorrhages, dysphonia from muscular tension, etc). Many of the cases in which Andrés has been consulted have been resolved without surgery (particularly in the case of nodules / micro nodules).

 While we have a very good rate of success, there are pathologies that can not be cured only with the work of a Vocal Coach. If you suffer or think you have a vocal pathology, it is very important to consult with an otolaryngologist first and, once diagnosed, you can visit us to begin a quick recovery.

International Workshops

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