Andrés has always had a great passion for training other teachers to help them bring the training needed by so many in different parts of the world.


Therefore, since 2008 he worked as an Area Educational Adv2013, when he was appointed Head of Research and Vocal Science in IVA, and as a result of all the studies required of him for that position, Andrés began developing his own training program for teachers, with the goal of launching his own institute. That dream became a reality when the Modern Vocal Training Institute launched in 2018. The technique in which he works, is in its principles, comes from the old school of singing and in turn modified in some details by the latest discoveries of Science and at the same time by his experience (more than 40 annual shows, around the world, and singing in various styles). It is a technique that prioritises health for the singer, and trains the voice in its entirety (not only working on bridges). Andrés has been blessed to be surrounded by great teachers, researchers, friends, voice professionals with whom he has exchanged information and research for years. The Modern Vocal Training institute trains over 100 vocal teachers in over 20 countries around the world, check

It is his vocation to know more and more about the voice, to learn from each and every one of the methods in the world, and to find common points that unite the greatest referents of the world voice. Beyond that, Andrés seeks to show how the great world techniques complement each other. In 2016, the first conference of all the world’s methods began, where, for the first time, the unification of vocal techniques began. Andrés is currently invited to instruct teachers at the world’s largest voice institutes, including CVI in Denmark, or, in the recent past, VAT masters at several of their conferences in Las Vegas and Manchester. With his wife Magdalena, and a group of associated colleagues and teachers in over ten countries, Andrés started Modern Vocal Training, which will have its Institute based in Málaga, Spain from September 2019. Teachers from all countries and regions are welcome, and each teacher has the possibility to become an Associate of Modern Vocal Training.